Hawaii Kai – Ocean Playground

With 266 acres of sheltered waterways and easy access to Maunalua Bay, Hawaii Kai is a magnet for water enthusiasts of all kinds. For the fortunate residents that live along its 12 mile waterfront, the Hawaii Kai Marina serves as an ocean playground right in their front yard. Fortunately anyone can join in the fun with one of the many ocean activity companies based at the Koko Marina and Hawaii Kai Shopping Centers.

Banana Boat

Banana BoatAmong the many watercrafts you will find at the marina, the banana boat is perhaps the most popular among kids and kids-at-heart. While most of the marina is strictly enforced as a slow/no wake zone, two large basins include designated “speed zones”. In the main basin that stretches between the Koko Marina Shopping Center and the Hawaii Kai Towne Center, you’ll often hear the buzz of speed boats mixed with shrieks of delight. Watching the action from one of the many waterfront eateries located around the marina provides great free entertainment but getting wet is half the fun. Whether you jump on a banana boat or decide to hang on for a bumper tube ride, there’s one sure bet; you WILL get wet.

A Day on the Bay

Once the adrenalin from your wild ride around the marina begins to wear off you can head to Maunalua Bay for even more excitement. From one of the water sports activity platforms that spend the day anchored in Maunalua Bay you can enjoy a variety of water activities. Whether you want to learn stand up paddling, take to the air in a tandem parasail or feed your need for speed on the jet ski course, it’s all here.

Infinity and Beyond

Hawaii Kai is also home to the world’s first commercially operated Jetlev jet pack installation. Since 2012 there have been two of these ultra-cool jet packs operating in Maunalua Bay. Owned by H2O Sports in the Hawaii Kai Shopping Center, Jetlev packs use water pumped through a powerful marine engine to lift pilots up to 30 feet in the air. If you’re new to jetting around like Buzz Lightyear, first timers get help from an instructor who remotely controls the thrust while talking you through your first flight via a specially equipped helmet. While your coach can help you out with the thrusters, steering yourself around with the pack is all up to you. With a little practice you’ll be swooping and spinning in no time.

More than a Day 

In all there are more than a dozen different water activities to enjoy in Hawaii Kai. From surfing to scuba diving there’s no end to the fun you can have in this idyllic corner of Honolulu. Located just 20 minutes from Waikiki, Hawaii Kai is a great place to spend a day or a lifetime enjoying all the best Hawaii has to offer.